Лист до ІОІ

Лист Федерації щодо заборони російських символів на олімпіаді та заборони росіянам брати участь в олімпіаді очно:

Dear International Committee,

Foremost, we would like to thank you for the decision of banning Russia from on-site IOI and banning their national symbols. However, we do not agree with this. There are a few reasons for that.

There is a myth that Russian people are not responsible for Putin’s actions and that Russians do not support the war. However, that is not true. There are many opinion polls which give slightly different results, but all of them confirm the fact that the majority of Russians actually support “special operation in Ukraine”. The poll by Russian Field, for example, shows that 64% of Russians are in favor of war. Thus, the Russians are fully responsible for all the actions that Putin takes.

Moreover, 700 Rectors of Russian universities have signed a letter to Putin with their support of the war against the Ukrainians. There are signatures of Rectors of the most popular Russian universities, such as: Moscow State University, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, and ITMO University. Do you think it is possible to invite participants from the country where the Rectors of most universities support the genocide of the Ukrainians?

The participants of the Russian team could be innocent and even be against the war. However, they will still represent the terrorist regime (even if flags are banned) and will be used in Russian propaganda after they receive a few gold medals. As a result, it will support the regime, which kills innocent Ukrainians.

Many international organizations already banned all Russian teams. For example, UEFA/FIFA banned the Russian national team and all clubs from Russia, Olympic Committee banned Russia and Belarus from the Olympics and recommended all Federations to do the same, Russian teams are banned from esports, such as Dota 2 or CS GO. All those people, whose teams were banned, could also be innocent. However, participation of all those teams will help the propaganda. In contrast, their ban supports anti-war propaganda. As a result, Russia becomes completely isolated from the civilized world. The fact that all countries meet to find the strongest/smartest person/team without Russia helps the Russians to think that something is wrong with their country. More of them will start thinking that they are becoming another North Korea and that they do not want to live like that. Thus, it will make the regime die earlier, the war finish earlier, and save more Ukrainian lives.

Do you know any competition after 1939, in which Nazi Germany has been invited to participate? Do you think it would be appropriate to invite Germany to them? Absolutely no. Unfortunately for us, each day, it becomes harder and harder to find the difference between Hitler’s Germany and Putin’s Russia. Thus, why should Russia be invited in such a case?

In their decision, the International Olympic Committee states that Ukrainian athletes might not be able to participate, while Russians will be. That is why it would be fair to Ukrainians to ban Russians. We have a similar problem. We do not know when the war will finish. Thus, we do not know if we will be able to organize Ukrainian Olympiad in Informatics and the selection camp to IOI. We even do not know if after destroying many of our schools and buildings, there still will be motivated students to participate at UOI and IOI. We do not think that in such a case the Russians should be allowed to participate at all.

Even though Russia is the main reason why the war started, we should not forget about the Lukashenko regime in Belarus. The unrecognized president of Belarus gave its land to the Russian army for an easy path to Kyiv and to set up artillery. Without Lukashenko's support, Putin would not be able to surround Kyiv. That is why Belarus should be punished as well.

Therefore, we are asking the International Committee of IOI to completely ban Russia and Belarus from future IOI until further notice.

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